Chicago’s Mars Jupiter Conjunction & The Bulls

Photo by Eric R. 1

There is a close conjunction between Mars and Jupiter in Chicago’s natal chart. Last year, I wondered about the type of events that occur when the Mars/Jupiter conjunction is activated. A search lead me to 1991, a Bull’s championship year. Well, I thought, that makes sense because the conjunction is in the 5th house of games and entertainment in Chicago’s rectification chart. It turns out, the conjunction will be activated again this year, during the NBA playoffs.

I made a spreadsheet of the planet locations (sidereal) on the days Chicago teams won overall for a year. A copy of the spreadsheet is below.

Winning Years Spreadsheet

The dates correspond to the following information:

    Chicago Cubs – October 12, 1907, Noon (time not found), Detroit, Michigan
    Chicago Cubs – October 14, 1908, Noon (time not found), Detroit, Michigan
    White Sox – October 15, 1917, Noon (time not found), Chicago, Illinois
    Bears – January 26, 1986, 5 PM, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Bulls – June 12, 1991, 6 PM, Los Angeles, California
    Bulls – June 14, 1992, 8:30 PM, Chicago, Illinois
    Bulls – June 20, 1993, 5:30 PM, Phoenix, Arizona
    Bulls – June 16, 1996, 6:30 PM, Chicago, Illinois
    Bulls – June 13, 1997, 8 PM, Chicago, Illinois
    Bulls – June 14, 1998, 3:30 PM, Salt Lake City, Utah
    White Sox – October 26, 2005, 7:41 PM, Houston, Texas
    Blackhawks – June 9, 2010, 8 PM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Blackhawks – June 24, 2013, 8 PM, Boston, Massachusetts

The image below shows part of a spreadsheet listing the aspects that are 3° or less between Chicago’s chart and the game day charts (sidereal).

Winning Years Spreadsheet

Transiting Mars was at 15° Cancer and Jupiter was at 16° Cancer when the Bulls won in 1991. Various planets form hard angles to the Mars/Jupiter conjunction every year except the last Blackhawk year. The playoffs have already started this year. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct Chicago’s Mars and Jupiter now. I think this is a good indication that the Bulls will make it to the finals. When the NBA finals begin on June 4, Jupiter will be separated from the natal conjunction by 5°. Transiting Jupiter will be 7° away from the conjunction around the middle of June, when the finals are likely to end. Is that close enough to indicate a good chance of winning? I think it gives the team a 60% chance, a little better than even.

The rectification chart I created for the Bulls is below. I was intrigued by the harsh angles and Capricorn Midheaven. This doesn’t look to be a team that counts on luck. During the finals, transiting Jupiter is opposite the Bulls’ 10th house, loose Mars/Saturn conjunction. It is not an easy aspect. However, the team should be accustomed to relying on hard work, endurance, and resourcefulness. Poor planning and excesses of any kind could cost them the championship.

Bulls Rectest

Update May 15, 2015

The Bulls lost to Cleveland on May 14. This loss put them out of the playoffs. The point difference between the teams (94-73) indicates that the Bulls gave up on trying to win. I didn’t see the game, but I watched a film clip showing Bulls player, Nikola Mirotic attempting to seriously injure (in my opinion) Iman Shumpert of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was clear that Mirotic was not trying to get the ball. Poor sportsmanship at that extreme could make the other players wish they were playing for another team. It is really disappointing to see someone do something like that in a playoff game. It says, “I’m too lazy to try and work to get the ball from him, so I’ll just stick my arm out and stop him.” Clotheslining is not what I meant by resourcefulness. Hard work was the first of the 3 necessities for a win because it was the most important.

I am too upset now to take a look at Nikola’s natal chart to determine his future prospects with the Bulls. Perhaps at a later time….

1 The photograph was cropped


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