Flight Collection – Cassin’s Finch

cassin2527s_finch_n10-15-006_l_1Cassin’s Finch is the name of a beautiful bird and the third rug in the Flight Collection. Cassin’s Finch provides a perfect example of natural pink, one of the trending colors for 2016.

I knitted a 24 by 44 inch rug using 100% wool fibers, starting in December 2015 and ending just last week. The rug consists entirely of linen stitches.

If I gave this rug another name it would be Balanced. I chose the yarn colors to match the Finch’s colors, but I questioned my choice of brown before I ordered it and when I received the shipment. I thought it was too dark. I thought about returning it, however, I told myself I chose the yarn because it was a perfect match to the Finch’s colors.

cassin2527s_finch_s52-13-126_l_1Generally, I do not feel that I must match an inspirational object exactly. I acknowledge my creative license. With the pink and brown (Walnut Heather) in this case, I felt it was important to do an exact match. As I learn more about colors, I am glad I did not return the Walnut Heather yarn.

While knitting the pink yarn, I felt the color was overwhelming and would dominate the entire piece. I made a note to use it sparingly in the next rug. After a few rows of knitting with the Walnut Heather, I could feel and then see how the yarn was balancing the pink. I realized that I had learned a lesson from nature.


Check back in February for the next rug in the series – American White Ibis.


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