Park Story Progress


This is the first draft video of the interactive story. Characters will replace the red cube and sit at one of the tables by the window. The characters will most likely be 2D figures. I will add a bar to the restuarant, plus find a way to add more trees and bushes without crashing my laptop. I found that adding a third level to the sapling addon really slows things down. It looks more like a tree at that level, but my laptop can’t handle the additional vertices.

IMG_20141226_165314Story:  Miann lives in the Lincoln park neighborhood in Chicago. She likes to sit on the park bench between North Pond and Toise Pond restaurant enjoying the ambiance of her surroundings after her run in the park. She is sitting in her favorite spot, mid-evening on a late fall day when a man who has been taking photographs in the park approaches her and asks if she could take a photo of him…

DSCN0075Is this a love story? Well, I was inspired to do a film when I visited North Pond and saw what I felt was a lover’s lane winding through the trees (see photograph to the right). IMG_20141226_165133I saw a woman sitting on the park bench looking south, towards downtown (see photograph to left). She looked lost in her thoughts, but observant of her surroundings at the same time. I got the feeling that sitting there was something she did often. As to whether this story is a love story, it certainly could be one. I like love stories. I like mysteries just as much if not more than love stories. I have a partial, basic storyline now and I am working on a copius back story.

Progress still 2


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