Los Angeles Rectest Chart (repost from a prior blog)

According to Los Angeles municipal websites, the city was incorporated on April 4, 1850. Since a bill becomes law after it is signed by the Governor, the time the Governor signs the bill is the time a city is born. I have looked through legislative records of two states, Illinois and Indiana, and I was unable to find times when the Governor signed bills into law. Searching through legislative journals did make worthwhile reading, however. I was surprised to discover how late Illinois legislators worked. There seemed to be a sense of urgency that there was a lot to do and little time to do it. In contrast, the Indiana legislators seldom worked after 7 PM. It was almost as if there was a consensus that whatever kept them past their quitting hour needed to be of super utmost importance. Needless to say, I no longer try to find written or oral records of a Governor signing a bill. I depend on other methods.

I created a Horary chart asking if Los Angeles would have a big earthquake in 2013 a while ago as I was considering moving there. Horary charts are useful for creating rectification charts. I have included the 1933 Long Beach and 1994 Northridge earthquake charts in my analysis as they contain accurate times for events affecting Los Angeles. If I use the sign and degree on the 9th house of long distance places as the degree for the ascendant in Los Angeles chart, I get the 2nd chart below (Rectest Day).

Comparing the Rectest day chart to the 1994 Northridge earthquake chart (see below), there is correlation with one of two significant degrees in the earthquake chart – 2♑(cardinal). The other significant degree, 27♐, does not have a correlating degree in the Rectest day chart.  Venus at 29°Pisces, is not close enough. A point in the chart should be at exactly 27°. I found a time when the Moon would be at 27♐ (see Los Angeles, Rectest Evening chart), but at this later time, I think the houses do not correspond well; the stellium of planets led by Mercury has moved to the 6th house, placing the ruler of the 4th house in the 6th. The time for this chart, however, is a more reasonable time for a Governor to sign a bill than the earlier time of 5:16 AM. Adding the 1933 Long Beach earthquake chart into the mix, 27° in a mutable sign is emphasized again.

There should be some indication in the Ingress chart for both earthquakes that an earthquake could be expected. The Ingress charts for the earthquakes are below.

There are many more correlations between the LA Rectest Evening chart and the earthquake charts versus the LA Rectest Day chart and the earthquake charts. When it comes to houses, I guess when you really think about how an earthquake affects a city, the destruction of vacant land isn’t a concern for a city, the destruction of structures is a concern. When people are in or on those structures, the city’s emergency services are engaged much more than usual. I will use the evening time as the Los Angeles rectification chart going forward.


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