Finding People

A little over a week ago, I was asked to find who intentionally left an object at a person’s desk while they were not looking. I applied Lilly’s rules for finding lost things to the chart when the question was asked. A couple of days later, the identity of the person was confirmed. What I learned was that the second house was key to finding the person. The sign on the house where the ruler of the 2nd was found gave the compass direction of the person’s location. A method I normally use to get a profile of a person provided an accurate description; that is to use the significator house as the person’s first house and go around the wheel. In this case the significator house was the sixth house as it was a co-worker.

I no longer have the chart information or the chart, but I do remember that the ruler of the 2nd house was Jupiter retrograde in the 10th house. I think Lilly’s principles for finding stolen items, fugitives, and thieves would have been insightful. I will sort those principles and post them later in the year.


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