Los Angeles Area, Part 1

I have asked every year for the past 5 years whether the Los Angeles area will have a major earthquake. Usually, I ask around the time I am considering moving, which is now. Yesterday, while I was working on a rug and watching a NOVA documentary on big earthquakes, I was compelled to ask again. The chart for the question is below.

Big EQ in LA in 2016

The 9th house represents Los Angeles as it is far from where I live. To determine if the chart is radical, I looked at the rectification test (rectest) chart I created for LA using the sidereal horoscope (see Los Angeles Rectest Chart post ). The tropical rectest chart for Los Angeles is below. The 27° mutable point that was a major factor in the sidereal chart, translates to 20° cardinal in the tropical chart.

Los Angeles

The houses for Los Angeles and the horary chart are practically the same. This indicates to me that not only is my chart radical, it also contains some information to be noted.

The Moon is the significator for Los Angeles in the horary chart as it rules the 9th house. It is at a critical degree.The Moon is peregrine in LA’s 2nd house, applying by opposition to the ruler of LA’s 4th and 9th houses (Venus); and ruler of LA’s 9th house (Neptune). Venus and Neptune are in LA’s 8th house and strong by sign placement. The 2nd and 8th houses are money houses. I would intrepret this as some separating changes involving the treasury and banks if not for Venus ruling the 4th house. Earthquakes fall under 4th house rulership. However, there are no planets in LA’s 4th house.

The Moon is forming a tight square to Mars in the horary chart. Mars is in LA’s 6th house and rules its 10th house. The 6th house is often involved in events affecting municipal employees.

A major event for an area would be represented in its Ingress chart. The Moon aspects with Venus and Neptune are 5 and 6 degrees apart in slow houses, suggesting the fall as a time period. The Fall Ingress chart for the Los Angeles longitude, latitude is below.


LA Fall 2016

The trigger for LA’s two big previous earthquakes was 20° Cardinal. I do not see that point activated in the Fall 2016 Ingress chart. I do not think the event suggested by the horary chart is a major esrthquake.

Instead of continuing with the yearly horary, I thought it would be a good idea to look ahead for a time when the trigger point will be activated. I will discuss what I found in the next post.



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