Los Angeles Area, Part 2

Looking ahead in the Emphemeris, I found an ominous time period for a major earthquake,  based on Ingresses – Winter 2019/2020. The Ingress chart and the LA rectest charts are below.

The Moon in the Ingress chart is conjunct the 4th house cusp. It is at the rising degree for the Los Angeles rectest chart. The Ingress Saturn is conjunct LA’s natal moon; the trigger for two of its major earthquakes, which also occurred during the winter.

So, just how accurate are these Ingress charts? A few years ago, when I was totally into Sidereal charts, I used them to predict events for cities. Most of the time they were spot on, but I found them to be inaccurate concerning weather for California. The inaccuracies could have been due to relying on Sidereal Ingress charts, which puts solstice and equinox dates a month off from when they actually occur.  The horary chart from the last post provides an opportunity to test their accuracy.

The horary chart indicates two events. Moon square Mars at 0° suggests conflict involving water police or coast guards between March 29, 2016 and April 29, 2016. According to Mundane Astrology by H.S. Green, it indicates disputes, quarrels, riots, outrages, murder, bloodshed, accidents, explosions, fires.

The Moon opposite Venus at 5°01’ applying, indicates some trouble or loss through holiday-making, rejoicing, public festivals; persons and occupations connected with art, music, poetry, theatres, amusements, ornaments; society, women, and children between August 29, 2016 and September 29, 2016. The Moon opposite Neptune at 5°33’ applying, per H.S. Green, portends “secret or mysterious crimes; family troubles and scandals; democratic movements and parties are unfortunate.” The Moon/Neptune aspect occurs at the same time as the Moon/Venus aspect, with the Moon/Venus event occurring first.

The closest aspect in the Spring Ingress chart is Jupiter square Saturn. Jupiter is in the 11th house and rules the 2nd house. Saturn is in the 2nd house and rules the 3rd house. Business and commerce will not be good during the Spring and “some disadvantageous change may be proposed, or hostile legislation attempted” in April. There is a Mars square Neptune aspect in the Ingress chart and between LA’s chart and the Ingress chart. Per H.S. Green, Mars square Neptune signifies “trouble through democratic movements and popular causes, they are defeated or arouse contention. Secret or mysterious crimes, murders, poisonings, outrages, and various forms of vice come to light.” As of this writing (April 13, 2016), I have not seen news of any event fitting this description. The test for the Spring Ingress chart is whether an event fitting this description occurs before April 29.

Saturn square Neptune is the closest aspect in the Fall Ingress chart. Saturn is in the 3rd house and rules the 4th house. Neptune is in the 6th house and rules the 6th house. Neptune is in LA’s Rectest 4th house. The Ingress Moon is inconjunct LA’s Rectest Moon. This may be an earthquake after all, contrary to what I wrote in Part 1. At this point I cannot draw a conclusion. This means I do not have a test for the fall event. I will compare what, if anything occurs to the chart.




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