A simple way to find color schemes for wood floors

Color pickerSince I started creating roomviews wih Blender software, I found a simple method to determine the color of a wood floor to place in a color scheme – the color picker. I locate a spot on a photograph of the floor, click the spot with the color picker, and move the dial up to its brightest value. This should work with any software that has a color picker.

Most wood is brown, which translates to values of orange-red. Some wood floor colors are obvious, but some are not. I did not realize that the basic color of the floor sample below was peach until I used the color picker.


Here is another example –

After determining the basic color of the wood, it is easy to use one of the color wheel schemes.


Hue = Name of color

Tint = Color mixed with white

Shade = Color mixed with black

Tone = Color mixed with some value of gray



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