Los Angeles Area, Part 2, Update 1

The horary chart indicates two events. Moon square Mars at 0° suggests conflict involving water police or coast guards between March 29, 2016 and April 29, 2016….

….There is a Mars square Neptune aspect in the Ingress chart and between LA’s chart and the Ingress chart. Per H.S. Green, Mars square Neptune signifies “trouble through democratic movements and popular causes, they are defeated or arouse contention. Secret or mysterious crimes, murders, poisonings, outrages, and various forms of vice come to light.”

An event  occurring yesterday, April 29, fits the description of possible events based on the Horary and Ingress charts. However, the police were not water police (port police) or coast guards and the event occurred close to the Los Angeles longitude/latitude, but not in the city itself. Looking at my notes, I see where I determined the police would be involved as Mars is in the LA’s 6th house in the horary chart. I do not know how I thought water would be involved. I should definitely include more details in the future when I do interpretations.

I learned from working with Horary charts of Chicago that designated events may seem unimportant on the surface, but are very serious for the municipality. When I asked about catastrophies for Chicago, the chart designated the NATO Summit, Teacher’s strike, and payout of two lawsuits. A few years later, Chicago’s municipal bonds became practically junk bonds.

The news article for Friday’s event states that 5 police cars were damaged and would cost thousands to repair.  I wonder who paid for the police to be at the event in large numbers and wearing riot gear. The Horary chart indicates that this event was financially stressful.


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