A Lightweight, Low Cost, Mirror Wall Alternative

DSCN1285Last month, I moved to a new place. The new place has a loft style and one wall angle that shoots arrow ch’i (see “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” by Karen Rauch Carter) towards the creative area of the apartment. Since I was planning to spend a lot of time in that area, I sought a remedy.

The first thing I did was buy a wood corner guard from Lowes. I put it up with 2-sided masking tape. Sometimes masking tape works for keeping objects on a wall and sometimes it doesn’t. I thought I would try it and see how it worked. Two weeks after putting the corner up it was still there. Cool!

I felt the corner guard cured the arrow ch’i issue, but when I looked in Karen’s book again, I saw that her recommended cures were a house plant, a crystal, or a mirrored wall. I remembered the mirror paper I used for a project long ago and thought the paper would work well as a mirrored wall. Joann Fabric & Crafts was running a nice one day sale, so I quickly snatched up enough packets to fill the wall space. I realized that I could have just gone with my feelings and left it with the corner guard, but the paper was on sale and I did not want to later regret not following her advice.

I expect the 2-sided masking tape to allow me to remove the sheets without damaging the walls. I may need to replace some of the tape at some point. I have found that masking tape holds well except under hot and humid conditions. I used 5 packets (10 sheets per packet) of 8 1/2 by 11 sheets to cover an area of 96” by 43 7/8” with 3 sheets remaining.

Mirrored Wall Alternative

Supplies Needed:DSCN1278 2
Mirror sheets (like these)
2-sided painters tape
Ruler (use to cut mirror sheet)
Exacto knife or scissors

Note: The painters tape was 5” wide. I used an exacto knife to split the tape in the middle before placing it on the wall.

1. Use the mirror sheet to lightly mark the wall with a pencil. Remove covering from one side of the tape and place the tape on the wall, with the approximate center of the tape along the marked line. This way the tape will hold 2 sheets. Note: I only placed the tape horizontally, which gives the mirror sheet a slight concave effect.

DSCN1279 2
2. Place the mirror sheet on the wall and press into place.

DSCN1280 2

Update: September 12, 2016

The paper is pulling away from the walls. I repaired some pieces by putting masking tape on the sides; something I probably should have done in the beginning. The pieces I taped on both sides are not pulling away from the wall.


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