Los Angeles Area, Part 2, Update 2

I wrote the following regarding a horary chart I did for the Los Angeles area earlier this year:

Saturn square Neptune is the closest aspect in the Fall Ingress chart. Saturn is in the 3rd house and rules the 4th house. Neptune is in the 6th house and rules the 6th house. Neptune is in LA’s Rectest 4th house. The Ingress Moon is inconjunct LA’s Rectest Moon. This may be an earthquake after all, contrary to what I wrote in Part 1. At this point I cannot draw a conclusion. This means I do not have a test for the fall event. I will compare what, if anything occurs to the chart.

Looking at news reports today, I saw reports of a string of earthquakes in the Salton Sea. The Los Angeles Times newspaper states that Seismologists are concerned about a 4.3 magnitude earthquake along the San Andreas Fault. Should such an event occur, it will be a significant indicator for astrological aspects starting in 2019 for the Los Angeles area. I will spend more time researching this during the winter months.



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