Spring 2017 Ingress – New York

I was working on Ingress charts for the Los Angeles area, as I promised I would do in my Los Angeles Area, Part 2, Update 2 post, when I noticed that the Moon was tightly conjunct Saturn in the Spring 2017 Ingress chart. That suggested emotional confinement or suffering to me. According to H.S. Green, author of Mundane Astrology, Moon conjunct Saturn represents crop failures, troubles with banks, stocks, and trade; plus “deaths of state or municipal officials or trouble affecting them.” Either way, it was alarming. The conjunction did not correlate to planet positions in the Los Angeles rectest (retification test) chart I used, but a quick search showed that it did correlate to planets and positions in the New York rectest chart.

Spring 2017 Ingress New York

Asc (1st house) 15°10′ Pisces Sun 0°00′ Aries
Venus 8°01′ Aries
Mercury 12°45′ Aries
Uranus23°04′ Aries
2nd house 0°15 Taurus Mars 7°29′ Taurus
3rd house 29°42′ Taurus
IC (4th house) 22°05′ Gemini
5th house 13°11′ Cancer
6th house 7°58′ Leo Node 3°02′ Leo
DC (7th house) 15°10′ Virgo Jupiter(r) 20°32′ Libra
8th house 0°15′ Scorpio
9th house 29°42′ Scorpio
MC (10th house) 22°05′ Sagittarius Moon 27°30’Sagittarius
Saturn 27°34’Sagittarius
11th house 13°11′ Capricorn Pluto 19°09′ Capricorn
12th house 7°11′ Aquarius Neptune 12°24′ Pisces
Asc (1st house) 15°10′ Pisces

New York Rectest

Asc (1st house) 26°07′ Sagittarius Uranus 29°17′ Sagittarius
Venus 5°51′ Capricorn
Jupiter 29°12′ Capricorn
2nd house 3°36 Aquarius Mercury 8°35′ Aquarius
Sun 14°05′ Aquarius
3rd house 14°42′ Pisces Node 23°03′ Pisces
Moon 10°08′ Aries
IC (4th house) 19°09′ Aries
5th house 15°14′ Taurus
6th house 6°23′ Gemini Pluto(r) 12°09′ Gemini
DC (7th house) 26°07′ Gemini
8th house 3°35′ Leo Saturn(r) 8°45′
9th house 14°42′ Virgo
MC (10th house) 19°09′ Libra Mars 12°57’Scorpio
11th house 15°17′ Scorpio
12th house 7°11′ Aquarius Neptune 12°24′ Aquarius
Asc (1st house) 6°23′ Sagittarius Neptune 22°59′ Sagittarius

As can be seen from the tables above, the Moon/Saturn conjunction is in the 10th house of the Ingress chart and conjuncts the first house of the New York rectest chart. Its position reinforces the possibility of events affecting a high-ranking government official. The conjunction is squared by a first house Sun, suggesting someone with a top position. Another significant indicator is the 11th house Ingress chart’s Pluto exact square to the New York rectest Midheaven/Imum coeli axis (10th and 4th house cusps). Pluto represents transformations; changes involving land (4th house) and/or top level government officials (10th house).

The aspects are very close, therefore I would expect any event, should it occur, to happen around the date of the Ingress, March 20, 2017.


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