Los Angeles Earthquake Outlook – Mundane Astrology-Intro

7159036732_f867e1084b_zThe first question that needs to be answered is, Why am I writing this outlook? One answer is, I published a post on April 30th of this year about possible earthquake activity affecting the Los Angeles area. I employed a method utilized by H.S. Green, author of Mundane Astrology, to make an accurate prediction of earthquake activity. Initially, I interpreted an earthquake would occur, then decided against it. After a second evaluation, I determined there would be earthquake activity. My reevaluation was correct (see my prior posts on earthquakes).

Another answer is that in the same prior post, I made note of ‘ominous’ ingress charts displaying earthquake activity starting in 2019. Since what looks to be earthquake activity in an Ingress chart has proven to be earthquake activity in real life, I thought it was important to conduct a thorough investigation.


In the Fall 2016 Ingress chart for the Los Angeles area, Saturn square Neptune is the closest aspect. Saturn rules the 4th house. Neptune is in LA’s rectification test (Rectest) chart 4th house. The Ingress Moon is inconjunct LA’s Rectest Moon. With this setup, earthquake activity was the most likely manifestation of the aspects.

On September 30, 2016, 8 days after the Fall Ingress chart date, there was a string of earthquakes in a lake located on the San Andreas fault, the Salton Sea; 33.3N 115.8W. Latitude/Longitude for Los Angeles is 34.30N, 118.15W. Scientists placed Los Angeles on an earthquake watch for about a week after this event.


Salton Lake is 3° east of Los Angeles, not in the Los Angeles area. The Saturn square Neptune aspect with a 0°57′ orb represented a week-long earthquake watch for the Los Angeles area and actual earthquakes at Salton Lake. Does this count as an accurate prediction?

Apparently, I think it does. The method needs tweaking and lots of research. It is my hope that other Astrologers will see its potential and we can start to build a database.


Does land have a natal chart? I will look at Chicago area charts in an attempt to answer this question?


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