Los Angeles Earthquake Outlook – Mundane Astrology-Spring Ingress 2017

7158787466_02399e765c_z-crop-2If only a couple of planets were significators of earthquakes, predicting earthquakes would be easy. Some planets in certain positions are more often an indicator of quakes than others. Say, Saturn for example. Saturn represents land, so when it is involved in a conjunction aspect in a mundane horoscope with another planet in the 4th house, which represents land, one can expect something to happen regarding land. However, if Mercury, the planet representing communication is in the 4th house conjunct another planet, the expectation is not the same.

Ingress Mars conjuncts the 4th house cusp in the Los Angeles area Spring 2017 Ingress chart and the 7th house cusp in the Los Angeles rectest chart. Mars is one of the planets representing action in charts. It is making easy aspects in the ingress chart, meaning there is no reason for concern about earthquake activity. However, to be sure, I will look at the ingress charts of three past earthquakes affecting the Los Angeles area.


Los Angeles Rectest


Northridge Earthquake Ingress


October 1, 1987 Earthquake Ingress


February 9, 1971 Earthquake Ingress

Northridge Earthquake Ingress Chart

The ingress Moon conjuncts/opposes the rectest 4th house/10th house. The Moon forms a square aspect to Ingress Venus, ruler of the Ingress 4th house, and Ingress Node. I would not have thought the Moon and Venus would be indicators of an earthquake. According to H.S. Green, author of Mundane Astrology, the Moon in a mundane chart represents the general public, the sea, water and occupations connected with water, traveling, crops, land, women, and children. However, Green notes that the Moon’s influence on a house varies based on the aspects it makes and its sign placement. ” It [Moon] passes on the aspects it receives to the affairs of the house in which it is placed. If its aspects are mixed, the house will benefit through the planet throwing the good ray, and suffer through things signified by the planet casting the evil ray.”

The Moon is 15° Leo in the ingress chart. It is peregrine, as it is neither dignified nor debilitated in Leo. It makes a hard aspect to Venus. Venus generally represents the arts, artists, banks and farming. The cardinal Moon square Venus aspect in the Rectest chart may help explain why the Moon square ingress Venus aspect resulted in an earthquake.

Earthquake indicators: Ingress Moon conjunct rectest 10th house. Ingress Moon opposite rectest 4th house. Ingress Moon square Ingress Venus. Ingress Moon square ruler of Ingress 4th house. Ingress Moon square Ingress North Node. Ingress Moon square Ingress South Node.

October 1, 1987 Earthquake Ingress Chart

The earthquake indicators in this chart are more in line with my expectations. Mars rules the 4th house in the ingress chart and makes a square to Uranus. A surprising indicator is the rectest Mercury conjunct/opposite the ingress 4th house/10th house.

Earthquake indicators: Ingress Mercury opposite rectest Venus. Ingress Nodes conjunct/opposite rectest Mercury. Ingress Jupiter conjunct rectest Uranus. Ingress Jupiter conjunct rectest Venus. Ingress Jupiter in ingress 4th house. Ingress Mars square ingress Uranus. Ingress Mars rules ingress 4th house.

February 9, 1971 Earthquake Ingress Chart

The Sun square Pluto aspect, with Sun in the 4th house and Pluto in the first house of this ingress chart says some transformative action will take place involving land and its people. Ingress Mars conjunct the rectest ascendant and opposite the rectest descendant, designates the land as the Los Angeles area and the people, Los Angeles area residents. Ingress Mars makes an opposition to ingress Saturn, which indicates that the connection with the Los Angeles chart will be traumatic.

Earthquake indicators: Ingress Mercury square Sun. Ingress Mars conjunct rectest Asc. Ingress Mars opposite Desc. Mercury retrograde at critical degree. Uranus at critical degree. Ingress Mercury square rectest Saturn. Ingress Jupiter square ingress North Node/South Node. Ingress Sun square ingress Pluto. Ingress Moon conjunct ingress Uranus. Ingress Moon square ingress Mercury. Ingress Mercury square ingress Uranus. Ingress Venus conjunct ingress Saturn. Ingress Moon opposite rectest Sun.

The February 9, 1971 Earthquake Ingress Chart is like the 2017 Spring Ingress chart with ingress Mars aspecting angles. Unlike the earthquake chart, Mars in the 2017 Spring chart is not involved with any hard aspects. I think it is safe to say that an earthquake is not the event indicated by all the activity in the chart.


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