Summer Ingress 2017 – New York

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A Sun conjunct Mercury aspect is notable in the Ingress chart of New York during the Summer of 2017. This aspect is considered favorable for locations, however the aspect is in opposition to Saturn. Saturn is associated with land and civil servants; the Sun with authority figures and government; and Mercury with communication.

Although conjunctions can be difficult, one can understand how the coming together of authority figures with some form of communication is benign in and of itself. Aspects to the conjunction set the tone of possible manifestations. Uranus makes a sextile aspect to the Sun/Mercury conjunction which, if taken alone, would indicate some type of pleasant, unexpected event such as a city forgiving penalties on parking tickets for a certain time. Sextile aspects have less strength than opposition aspects. Opposition aspects are combined energies that produce “instability and change through conflict,” in the words of Robert Hand, author of Horoscope Symbols. Saturn’s opposition to the Sun/Mercury conjunction sets the tone for events where civil servants, authority figures, and communication are in conflict. The parking scenario applied to this aspect could manifest as a city increasing the amount charged for parking violations and pursuing holders of unpaid tickets by all means legally available to them.

It helps to look at the September 11, 2001 Summer Ingress chart for interpreting this Ingress chart. Both charts are below.

2001 Summer Ingress NY2017 Summer ingress NY

The 2017 Ingress chart is similar to the 2001 Ingress chart in that Mercury is involved in a conjunction with other planets in the same sign and proximity. In the 2001 chart, Mercury (travel) at 22° Gemini is conjunct the Moon (daily) at 27° Gemini and Jupiter (long distance) at 25° Gemini. The conjunction is in opposition to Mars (attack) at 20° Sagittarius. In the 2017 chart Mercury (communication, travel) at 29° Gemini is conjunct the Sun (authority figure) at 0° Cancer. The conjunction is in opposition to Saturn (land, civil servants).

Mars is in the 7th house in the 2001 chart. H.S. Green, author of Mundane Astrology wrote the following concerning this placement – “… troublesome foreign questions arise; relations with some other country are strained; warlike talk or actual war…” Saturn is in the 10th house in the 2017 chart. H.S. Green wrote the following about this placement – “it is very unfortunate for the Monarch or Government; unpopularity, lack of support, serious difficulties, danger of defeat of the Government or a General Election.”

jorg SchubertThe Moon, Mercury, Jupiter conjunction in the 2001 chart is in the 1st and 2nd houses of the chart; New York citizens and economy. As we all know, the event affected the entire country and placed it in a recession. The Sun, Mercury conjunction in the 2017 chart is in the 4th house of the chart; land, buildings, crops. Mars (action) is in the Ingress 4th house as well and is in opposition to Pluto (transformation) in the 11th house (legislation, friends of the city). H.S. Green wrote the following regarding Mars in the 4th house – “Mars does little good in this house. Fires, accidents, or disturbances connected with mines, houses, quarries, and agriculture. Infertility of the land; a dry season and the crops suffer. The people discontented with employers or rulers; excited or riotous meetings. The Government may be shaken or overthrown and the Monarch be troubled. Death of workers, the common people, the aged; sometimes death of some nobleman, statesman, or royal personage.”

I would say that the indications in the 2017 Ingress chart represent an earthquake, but Uranus is not active. Earthquakes are not normal for New York, therefore I think Uranus (surprise) is a necessary element for one to occur. The nature of the planets involved in the conjunction suggest some type of steady, accumulating action; either before the pending event or the event itself. Mercury is at 29° Gemini, an anaretic degree, suggesting that someone vacillates, considering different options and implements a plan that was not considered as an option or was not thought out carefully. That is not nature’s MO. This looks to be a pending man-made event. From what I have seen, terrorists tend to think things through very carefully. I will rule them out as well. I think someone will make an error in judgment that will literally cause buildings or a building to fall. This pending event is not written in stone. Hopefully, diligence will prevent its occurrence.


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