2017 Spring Ingress – London, UK

A close relative of mine missed traveling to London in May, due to a vacation she had scheduled. A couple of months ago, an unexpected opportunity was presented to her at work. Since a much needed vacation was planned and paid for, she could not accept the opportunity. She called me yesterday and said she would have most certainly been one of the people on the London Bridge yesterday had she accepted. This prompted my curiosity about the Spring Ingress chart for London’s longitude/latitude. What were the indicators in the chart?

After I created the 2017 Ingress chart, I needed a chart for London or England to determine which points were significant. My first stop was Astro-databank. When I entered London as a search term, the first return was information about the London Tube Bombing on July 7, 2005. An incident in which bombs were detonated in underground railway stations on July 7 at 8:50 AM and July 21 at 1 PM by a terrorist group. I thought an Ingress chart for this event should correlate with the 2017 Spring Ingress chart. Both charts are below.

There are correlating points between the two charts and all of them are in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) at 8°, 12°, 19°, and 20°. On to the United Kingdom’s chart. I found that the chart used by most Astrologer’s for the United Kingdom shows the Moon at 19° Cancer and Midheaven at 9° Cancer. Both positions correlate with points in the two Ingress charts. United Kingdom’s chart is below.

Returning to the 2005 Summer Ingress chart, correlation points with the Spring 2017 chart are the MC (Midheaven) at 12° Aries, Mercury at 19°, Venus at 21° Cancer, Mars at 6° Aries, Jupiter at 9° Libra, Node at 19° Aries. The Mercury/Venus conjunction in this chart is joined to Saturn. The three planets are in the 12th house of secrets and form a square (conflict) to Jupiter in the 3rd house of daily transportation. Jupiter opposes Mars in the 9th house. H.S. Green, author of Mundane Astrology, wrote the following concerning Jupiter opposition Mars and Mars in the 9th house: “Disputes affecting religion and the churches; excitement connected with religious meetings and movements;….Accidents, fires, explosions affecting shipping, storms and loss of life round the coast; disputes in the churches and among religious people, or some active forward movement.”

New Moons and Full Moons often serve as timers for events indicated in Ingress charts. There were two full Moons and one New Moon following the 2005 Summer Ingress chart; June 22, Jul 6, Jul 21. The first bombing was the day before the New Moon (July 6) and the second was the day of the Full Moon (July 21). No bombing occurred on June 22, however news reports indicate a drug smuggling group connected to Hezbollah was busted. All three charts show degrees close to or matching key correlation points from the Ingress and United Kingdom charts. The ascendant for the July charts is 10° Libra which squares the United Kingdom’s Sun. The charts are below.

I will make a more in-depth evaluation of the 2017 Spring Ingress chart in another post.


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