Gunter Hentshel
2017 Spring Ingress London b
Pluto (transformation) at 19° Capricorn is in square aspect (conflict) to Jupiter (religious sects)at 20° Libra in this chart. The aspect forms a T-square aspect to United Kingdom’s Moon (general public) at 19° Cancer, in the 10th house (national power). The Ingress chart’s Mercury completes a Grand Cross between the charts, representing a push and pull movement to achieve change.

Berit WatkinThe Westminster Bridge attack occurred on March 22, two days after the Ingress chart date. The Manchester attack occurred on May 22, 61 days (8 weeks or 2 months, 1 day)after the Ingress chart date. The London Bridge attack occurred on June 3, 74 days (10 weeks or 2 months, 14 days) after the Ingress chart date. New and Full Moons were of no help in calculating time. Degree distances between aspects work to an extent. I believe there is a method for accurately calculating event time from Ingress charts, I just have not found it yet.

The closest aspect in the Ingress chart is Moon conjunct Saturn at 27° mutable, 0°4′ separation. United Kingdom’s chart does not have a significant point at 27° mutable. That degree was important for New York’s latitude/longitude (see prior post).

Pablo cabezosThe Ingress chart Pluto, Neptune, and Sun are in angular houses. Neptune does not make a square or opposition aspect. The Sun and Pluto are involved in several square and opposition aspects from points that correlate with positions in United Kingdom’s chart; Ingress Sun 0° Aries – UK Uranus 1°Libra, Ingress Pluto 19° Capricorn – UK Moon 19° Cancer. The Pluto square Jupiter aspect, mentioned in the first paragraph, is 1°22′ apart, followed by South Node conjunct Midheaven 1°24′, Sun square Saturn 2°26′ apart, Sun square Moon 2°30′ apart, Jupiter opposite Uranus 2°32′, and Sun square Ascendant 3°22′. An event occurring 1 or 2 days after the Ingress chart date could be expected given the degrees of separation. I have found with Horary charts that the time is set by the initial occurrence, if it is to be days, weeks, or months. Since I have primarily relied on New Moons as event triggers, I need to re-evaluate past Ingress charts using aspect degree differences to determine how timing is affected.


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