Gas Explosion Natal Charts

Peretz partenskyThis post consists entirely of charts of gas explosions in the United States. I will compare the charts in another post.

Richmond, Indiana – April 6, 1968
St. Cloud, Minnesota – December 11, 1998
St Cloud
San Bruno, California – September 9, 2010
San bruno
Wayne, Michigan – December 29, 2010
Niagara County, New York – July 20, 2011
Niagara County
Indianapolis, Indiana – November 10, 2012
Richmond hill
New York, New York – March 12, 2014
East Harlem
Melvindale, Michigan – July 2, 2016
Silver Spring, Maryland – August 10, 2016
Silver Spring
Marengo, Illinois – June 11, 2017
Marengo explosion


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