Gas Explosions Chart Analysis

Something I noticed right away when I put the charts together was that Neptune was either in an angle or in the 11th house; with the exception of the Niagara County chart. One of the many things Neptune represents is gases. House placements define the area in which planetary energies operate. Neptune in the 11th house suggests to me gases controlled by electronics. However, causes of explosions where Neptune was in the 11th house had nothing to do with electronics: New York, New York explosion cause- cracked pipe fitting, improper fitting installation; Melvindale, Michigan explosion cause- car struck a large gas line; Silver Spring, Maryland explosion cause- gas leak in a pipe or a piece of equipment at or near a gas meter; Marengo, Illinois explosion cause- unknown at this time. Neptune is a mere 0°3′ from the 11th house cusp in the Marengo, Illinois chart. It leads me to think that conditions of this incident will provide the best example of Neptune’s placement in the the 11th house. I think it is a necessary step to interpretation of the other charts. I will wait until the cause is released before analyzing the charts.


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